Imp. Contact Numbers

Name and Designation Department Number
Ward 14 Deccan Gymkhana -Model Colony

14(A) Smt Swati Lokhande 9850426458

14 (B) Smt Nilima Khade9689940467

14 (C) Smt Jyotsna Ekbote 9922007310

14 (D) Shri Siddhartha Shirole 9890023600

Ward 13 Erandwana-Happy Colony

13 (A) Shri Deepak Pote

13 (B) Smt Madhuri Sahasrabuddhe 9422338800

13 (C) Smt Majushri Khardekar

13(D) Shri Jayant Bhave 9881127183

Karve Road Ward Office
Ghole Road Ward Office  Ward Office 25501550
Shri Nitin Udas

Ghole Road

Ward Officer

Shri Inamdar, Div. Sanitary Inspector (DSI) SWM 9689931055
Shri Kamble, Div. Sanitary Inspector SWM  9689931881
Shri Shivaji Gaikwad, Sanitary Inspector SWM 9689936521
Shri Yenpure, Mukkadam (Hirwai) SWM 9623790790
Shri Kasbe, Mukkadam (SNDT) SWM 9689934223
Shri Sarwan, Mukkadam (Lane 1-11 Prabhat Rd) SWM 9762876461
Shri Thorat Mukkadam (Karve Road) SWM 9763740649
Shri Sonawane Roads 9689931798
Shri Gawli Water Dept  9689931246
 Shri Gunjal Lights  9765815408
 Shri Mendekar Lights  9689981178
 Shri Gaikwad Drainage  9689930194


SMS HELPLINE 8888004455

Control Room 020-26122000 They will give mobile number of officer on duty in the area

Traffic Police Deccan Division (Modern College chowky) 02026208456



Sagar Arwat 9850239841

Anil Avchit 9422349789


Contact numbers are as on 19th May 2017


  1. aap ka kaam dekh kar bari khusi hui hai shayad sarkaron ko sharm aaye
    is dharti ka in par koi karj nahin
    koshis karo ki yeh pure desh main hi nahin pure vishv main hi ho

  2. Greetings!

    Respected Sir/Ma’am,
    I am a student of Planning from College of Engineering, Pune. As a part of academic exercise, we are supposed to carry out a research on a topic related to urban planning and development. My thesis topic is “High density and City Infrastructure”, for which I have chosen the Deccan Gymkhana-Prabhat road-Erandwane as the study area.

    With changing characteristic from traditional bungalows to high rise structures, this area is suitable for the study that I have undertaken. For the same purpose, I would like to incorporate your opinion(s) and suggestion(s) on topics like changing skyline of the area, traffic and waste management.

    I would be highly obliged to include your expert views and opinions in my research work.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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