PMC Draft Development Plan 2007-2027

The PMC published the Draft Development Plan 2007-2007 on its website on 27th March 2013. Citizens have 30 days to respond to the plan through suggestions and objections. It is extremely important that people read and respond to the plans to ensure a better future for our city!

For a quick link to all the documents please see this link at  There are many objections and suggestions posted online by different groups that can be accessed here.

Vijay Kumbhar and Maj Gen Jathar’s letter can be seen here 

Anagha Paranjape’s views are extremely pertinent 

From Prabhaag 36, DGPS has put together a list of issues,and are mentioned below in a letter format. Those interested can copy these  sign with name address and contact number and submit to the PMC:



The Town Planning Officer/City Engineer
Room No. 110, First Floor
Pune Municipal Corporation
Shivajinagar, Pune 411005

April 17, 2013


Subject: Suggestions/Objections – Draft Development Plan (DDP) 2007 – 2027


Dear Sir,

Thank you for making the DDP available to the citizens and asking for feedback. After detailed study of the document, we have a number of suggestions and objections listed below.

Deccan Gymkhana Parisar Samiti (DGPS) is a group of residents of Prabhag 36, Erandwane which is committed to improving the civic facilities in the ward in co-ordination with the Ward Office and the PMC.

  1. We strongly object to the proposed 4 FSI Metro Influence Zone. This will stretch all civic resources beyond capacity.
  2. The DP does not include any plan on how infrastructure facilities like water, waste management and other basic civic amenities will be provided for this untenably dense urban pocket of 4 FSI metro zone that is sought to be created.
  3. We object to the proposed Elevated Metro project, a section of which (the Vanaz – Ramwadi corridor) will pass through one of the busiest roads in our Prabhag. Any mass transit system, including a Metro must be planned to be a part of a “pan –city traffic system” with well defined feeder zones and adequate provisions for parking at the peripheral stations, and not as a standalone structure as shown in the DDP.
  4. We object to any and all development on the hills of Pune, especially Vetal Hill, Law College hills and connected range of hills in the Bhamburda area.
  5. On reading the ELU report on which the DDP is based, we noticed that HTHS (for Sectors II to VI) which accounted for 8.41% of Existing Land Use have been reduced to 5.74% in the Proposed Land Use Table.This is completely disastrous and defeats the very purpose of HTHS .
  6. We object to the proposed Paud – Bal Bharati road as well as the broader HCMTR road which will require excavation of Law College hill and traverse through reserved Forest land.
  7. We object to the reservation of a section of the Vetal Hill (survey 87/84) for an Amusement Park (PK 9 in sheet 5 of Sector III.) as well as to the road leading up to it from Panchavati and NCL Colony.
  8. We insist that the entire Hill Top Hill Slope zone be preserved as a biodiversity zone and not be “developed” into parks, gardens or any other public utility services.
  9. We request that the MoEF guidelines as approved by the Bombay High Court in PIL 41 of 2011 with regard to Water Bodies be followed in the DDP. There should be a green belt on both sides of the river as it passes through our Prabhag and no concretization of the river bed. Both banks should be free of encroachments and should not be developed into recreational zones. 
  10. We object to the decrease in designated Open Spaces in our area. The Proposed Land Use figure for the city is only 6.89% and for our particular sector (sector III) even lower – 5.15 %.. These are pathetic figures considering the UDPFI guideline of 15%-20%. DP is silent on Environment Impact Assessment of all the proposed changes related to environment.
  11. Vacant plot on Survey no. 13 & 16  which had been reserved as green open Space in the 1987 DP and TPS -I should be preserved as the same and not be converted to Residential Zone as depicted in the DDP. For changing this green open spaces due procedure needs to be followed according to MRTP Act
  12. Vacant plot between FP  Nos. 67 and 69 on Chiploonkar Rd be reserved as Recreational Zone (PG or PK)
  13. Small plot in SNDT College next to Reservation 71 be reserved as Recreational Zone (PG or PK)
  14. Please explain why Sharada Center, off Karve Rd as well as many other buildings in Prabhag 36 having large commercial establishments are shown as Residential in the DP maps.
  15. We request that some area in our Sector (Sector III) be reserved for one or more well planned Vegetable Markets (Mandai).
  16. We object to widening of Prabhat, Bhandarkar and Law College Roads and their lanes as it will lead to increase in noise, pollution, road rage and traffic safety issues, thus hampering the quality of life of the residents while achieving little / no benefit to traffic. We recommend the PMC work with city planning experts and environmental experts to provide long term alternate viable traffic management solutions that include better, comfortable and more frequent bus transport.

We, the undersigned would like to have the opportunity to be heard in person and make our case to the planning committee as per S.28 (3)  MRTP Act.

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