2nd October Rally and Cleanliness Drive

On 2nd October, the PMC had organised city wide rallies and cleanliness drives with citizen support. DGPS members attended the rally held by Ghole Road Ward Office, that started from Balgandharva Chowk at 8am.  The Ward Office had decorated a truck with messages of segregation as well as a plant with plastic bags hanging on it to show the bad effects of litter with plastic. The ghantaagaadi 409 was playing  the music and messaging from PMC on segregation. Along with this there were posters and placards about garbage segregation, tree plantation and water conservation.

From 9am six volunteers worked to clear Deccan Gymkhana Path. DGPS worked with the PMC. With an hour of effort, one gaada full of litter was collected. Requests were again made to the Ward Office to clear the sides of the road of rubble and mud so that sweeping is made more effective