Jammers handed to DCP Traffic Vishwas Pandhare

DGPS organized a function at Patrakar Bhavan on 19th June 2012 at 4pm to present jammers to Pune Traffic Police.

Apart from tackling this ‘static’ traffic menace, the DGPS is extremely concerned about the other aspect, i.e. the dynamic one, in the form of rash and negligent driving with total disregard for traffic rules, which have resulted in several fatal accidents in the division. The following issues need to be tackled:

  • Recklessly fast driving even on the smaller roads and in the lanes: BMCC Road, Lanes 7,8 and 15 of Prabhat Road etc.
  • Driving the wrong way on FC Road and even on a road with a divider like Karve Road
  • Driving the wrong way in one-way lanes
  • Nakabandi-type action with a posse of policemen at different places in the Prabhaag at different  times during the day
  • Doing away with needless standing around at signals by traffic policemen and emphasis on random patrolling

DGPS would like the police to exert greater pressure on our Ward Office for getting various works related to traffic signals, speedbreakers, pedestrian crossings, No Parking and P1/P2 signs.

Also, No Parking and P1/P2 signs are removed by unknown elements, because of which police cannot enforce the rules. Removing traffic signs is surely a crime and the corresponding FIRs need to be filed.

Speaking on the occasion DCP Pandhare thanked the members for their contribution and said that it was programmes like these which helped the police to understand the needs of citizens better. “There is a need for more cooperation from citizens for  better regulation of traffic rules,” he said.

“For a city like Pune we require at least 21 tempos and 21 cranes while we have only 15 tempos and 8 cranes.  The department has only 190 walkie talkies while there is a need for 400 more. Obviously this makes implementation difficult,” Coordination with other agencies like the PMC and public transport systems also adds to the delay.  He said the department had recently held meetings with citizens in four different zones in the city and the suggestions received were being taken into consideration.  The DCP remarked that it was very difficult to find the golden mean between regulation and enforcement and they were giving importance to regulation.  Traffic awareness programmes are being conducted regularly.

In response to citizens complaints regarding non action by constables who are seen chatting in groups at the roadside, the DCP said that they had begun taking action against them by fining them Rs.500/- and fining their superior officer Rs. 200/-

PI Neelam Jadhav later fielded questions from the audience. She invited residents and members of the press to join her on the field for a day and see how difficult it was to enforce traffic discipline and the challenges her men faced. She invited citizens to volunteer on traffic duty during rush hours with her staff.

DGPS hopes to work with PTP to make Prabhaag 36 safer for residents and others on the roads.

For more details, videos and photos on the programme, please see Harshad Oak’s post at his blog.