Activities: 7th April to 19th April 2012

7th April Sanitation Meeting of NSCC

Mr. Suresh Jagtap and Mr. Pramod Yadav took up issues – main points noted were as follows:  

  1. Route for wet waste Ghantagaadi should be fixed jointly by the DSI, SIs, Mukkadams and the citizens.
  2. Citizen involvement was requested by Mr. Jagtap with SPECIFIC complaints.  
  3. Complaints on burning leaves – send specific location and time to SI and DSI, if no action is taken and sweeper continues to burn, send specific complaint by SMS to Mr. Jagtap who will ensure that SI is fined.
  4. From now onwards, segregation will be insisted upon at source.
  5. The priority will be on awareness of segregation and what is means for all households. All Ward Offices have to organise evening meetings with Societies – around 50 chairmen/secretaries of societies have to attend each meeting, If societies need help in composting PMC will give them technical assistance. But everyone HAS to do it this year onwards. 
  6. Mr, Jagtap admitted they have huge internal issues, coordination, synchronisation, can’t fine easily because their enforcement mechanisms are weak, absenteeism, etc. everyone has to do their job and help them do theirs.
  7. He wants active role of citizens in third party audit. 
  8. Priority for this year is Segregation and No open defecation.

 13th April 2012

Visit to Peshwe Park to see the shredder, composting pits and biogas plant.

18th April 2012

Visit to Pu La Deshpande Udyan to see the shredder there. Our conclusion: 20 HP shredder not suitable for KNP, it is too big and needs ventilation.

19th April 2012

Met Mr. Pramod Yadav, Special Officer in charge of Projects, SWM at PMC.

  1. He has promised a shredder for the ward at a suitable place as his policy is to decentralize as much as possible so that more trips for clearing garden waste can take place daily.
  2. For now, there will be a shredder at Kothrud Depot that can take the garden waste, rather than going to Hadapsar.
  3. He has proposed a second shift for garden waste pickup for the whole city.
  4. There is also a system of fines coming into place that will enable fining for dumping/littering etc.

After discussion with him, we gave a letter at the Garden Deptt, Sambhaji Park, asking for composting pits at KNP, just for leaf litter, that takes up volume in the containers.

We are in the process of getting permission for a V-Collect drive organized by DGPS and Swach on 29th April 10 am to 2 pm at KNP. We will also be distributing information on segregation and composting by different agencies that day.

We are working with Swach and the Ward Office to extend coverage of services across all roads, in stages. In discussion with Swach, certain hot spots have been identified and these will be cleaned up on a priority basis – Chitale corner, Spencer’s lane, Sahayadri hosp corner, KNP bin etc.