Minutes: March 2012

Minutes of the ward meeting held on 29th March 2012

  1. Shri Karkud presented his plans for garbage management/collection – it comprised of having a feeder point system where the wet waste would be directly collected from ragpickers or residents.
  2. When asked what is the mechanism for wet waste to reach the feeder points the PMC officials conceded that the residents have to take the help of the officially appointed agency SWacH. In case residents have a problem with SWacH they could bring the wet waste directly to the Feeder point. However he was not able to give assurance of trucks coming to the feeder points on specified times.
  3. Dry waste would be collected twice a week by SwacH where they are collecting door-to-door – sorted and give to the PMC
  4. PMC had no solution as to where the SWACH members would re-sort the dry waste. When pointed out by Ms Malati for a need of a system for collection of non-recyclable waste he did not have a solution. Non- recyclable waste includes rubble material, sanitary napkins, children/adult diapers etc.
  5. Shri Karkud further lamented the lack of transport vehicle to provide efficient pick up system from containers on a regular basis. Currently there is only 1 truck for the ward (comprising 12 prabhags)
  6. Also as per PMC’s estimation the garden waste and leaf litter was the major component of the garbage containers and this was a seasonal condition, which according to them residents have to accept/bear.
  7. Ms Malati (SwacH) proposed a solution for collection of garden waste by their team as they had the resources of a truck and a driver (at a cost to be borne by the PMC). Shri Landage asked her to submit such a proposal. The residents will have to pay for this service ( around Rs 500 per trip)
  8. The DGPS members requested that a drive for segregation be taken up in Prabhag 36 on an experimental basis, in a small section to try out a new system where 100% door-to-door collection and awareness is done by SWACH members. And the PMC provides timely pick-ups from feeder points. This point was accepted by Shri Landage.
  9. Shri Landage assured DGPS that a letter would be provided by the Ward Office for residents. The letter would include the following points
  1. Inform residents of the special drive.
  2. Request them to support Garbage free Prabhag 36 drive with active participation by segregating at source.
  3. Point out that SwacH is the officially appointed agency by PMC for door-to-door collection of segregated waste, and these waste collectors DO NOT get salary from PMC. What the residents are paying for is a user fee.
  4. The containers in the experimental zones would be removed over a period of time after getting better door-to-door coverage by SwacH.
  5. Request for better disposal at source, like composting at home/societies – thus reducing the load on already overburdened system.
  • DGPS members to discuss with SWACH who would then co-ordinate with PMC to get coverage in the experimental area.
  • With respect to the Fire Hazard at lane no. 13 of Bhandarkar road bins Shri Landage assured a personal visit to the area and then decide about action for removal of the bin. The time and date was confirmed for 30th March after much persuasion by Corporator Mrs. Madhuri Sahasrabudhe.
  • Shri Karkud further informed that notices had been served to residential societies and commercial complexes to follow MSW guidelines. However when asked if any action was taken on non-complying societies they had no answers.
  • A list of commercial establishments known to throw their hotel waste was given by DGPS. Shri Karkud said he would look into the matter.
  • With respect to encroachments Shri Talekar to provide a list of authorized tapirs at KNP and also check if unauthorized have sneaked in.
  • Following complaint letters were submitted
    1. Fire Hazard letter for all containers – especially Lane 7, Open Plot Lane 12
    2. Karve Rd encroachment letter (c/c to Mr Zurmure )
    3. Request for garden shredder (c/c to Mr Zurmure and Mr Jagtap and Dr Akhade)
    4. Letter for removal of container on Lane 13 corner – Fire Hazard
  • Following documents were collected from Ward Office
    1. Feeder point list
    2. List of authorized tapri owners – not picked up yet?
    3. Map of Prabhag with bins marked
    4. Route of ghantaagaadi – very circuitous
    5. (Madhavi pl add anything else received)

    We also told them about bad paint job on the speed breakers on Bhandarkar Road. Mr. Kulkarni noted those points to take up with the supervisor