Walk with Prabhag36 Nagarsevaks

Taking advantage of the municipal elections in February, DGPS decided to begin work    with the elected representatives right from the start.

On 18th March, members of DGPS walked with our Prabhaag corporators Madhuri Sahastrabuddhe and Anil Rane from Athavale Chowk on Law College Road till  Kamla Nehru Park. A list of problems was submitted to them and more were noticed as we walked along. The issues mainly fell into three categories – Garbage, Road and Footpath. We appreciate the time taken by the corporators to walk with us, to carefully note the problems and attend to them. DGPS aims to make this walk a regular feature to keep the pressure on the Ward Officials to pay attention to detail in our area.

Here are the points collated by Harshad Oak