Meeting the Corporators Ward 13 and Ward 14

With Prabhaag 36 divided into two between Ward 13 and Ward 14, DGPS organised a meeting to get to know our new corporators. The central point of the agenda was to understand the process of communication and the corporators promised to have an open channel. A single contact point for residents to communicate to four corporators in the ward would be a good model to put in place.

DGPS also made a submission of the main concerns facing our area. This list had been prepared from inputs shared by our members over the past month and can be seen at the following link:

Meeting Corporators 26th March

The main points were as follows:

Our Expectations from Our Corporators

Over the past six years, DGPS members have developed a good relationship with our ward office and PMC departments. We are confident of dealing with minor civic issues (related to footpath repair, road sweeping etc.) directly with the PMC. We seek the support of our corporators for the following major systemic issues:

  1. To ensure compliance with all rules and regulations – e.g Mumbai High Court order on flex and hoardings, PMC and Animal Welfare Board rules on not allowing relocation of stray dogs, PMC rules on noticeboards with full details at work site, PMC TVC scheme for regulating street vendors, keeping noise levels at public functions within legally permissible limits, traffic discipline, segregation of garbage at source etc.
  2. To improve pedestrian safety in our area – proper paving of footpaths with no slippery tiles. Senior citizens and the disabled must be comfortable using the footpath. We would like removal of encroachments that block easy movement of pedestrians – hawkers, hoardings and notice boards etc. Bus stop design should allow free movement of pedestrians on the footpath.
  3. To strictly implement the rule of law with zero tolerance towards traffic law breakers. Regular patrolling by traffic police to ensure that there are no parking violations, particularly the P1/ P2 system. Also, effective checks to eliminate speeding, jumping signals, etc.
  4. To protect the open and public places in our ward and work towards improving their quality. We are passionately in love with the surrounding hills (Vetal Tekdi, Hanuman Tekdi) and would not approve of any attempts to damage or tamper with it with roads/HCMTR etc.
  5. To improve the public transport system in our wards and Pune, especially reviving PMPML service, mini buses etc.
  6. To work towards restoring the pressure of water supply as it existed 5 years ago.
  7. To ensure effective citizen participation through Kshetra Sabha – transparency in meetings and more interaction on citizen participatory budget etc.
  8. To encourage and support all green initiatives: composting, terrace gardening; rain-water harvesting, solar power etc. Rather than concrete roads, we would like our corporators to use their funds to support the capital cost of rain harvesting projects.

Thank You


Meeting the Corporators Ward 13 and Ward 14


Shri Jayant Bhave, Ward 13


Smt. Manjushri Khardekar, Ward 13


Smt Madhuri Sahasrabuddhe, Ward 13


Shri Siddharth Shirole, Ward 14

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