Dustbins on FC Road – Update

The dustbins on FC Road put in place in January 2016 were attracting too much household and commercial garbage that should have been segregated and put directly into the PMC collection system. See previous post New dustbins on FC Road for details. From DGPS, our observations were sent to Adar Poonawalla group and the PMC. Following the meeting with the group and the Ward Office staff, there was radical rationalisation in the number of dustbins on FC Road and JM Road. In June 2016, 50 spots were reduced from both roads put together. Around 50 spots were still left in place, in consultation with the Ward Office Sanitary Team.

However, over the following months, there was a growing realisation that the remaining dustbins were causing more problems, than helping. At the end of November 2016, these dustbins were removed, making for a much cleaner environment.

In January 2017, small new dustbins have been placed on the footpath. These dustbins are expected to serve the purpose better.