AWBI Order to PMC: Stray dog relocation is illegal

There is a lot of pressure on the PMC dog catchers to pick up sterilized dogs from one place and dump them somewhere else. They know it is illegal to relocate street dogs but they’re helpless in the face of orders from Aamdars and Nagarsevaks and constant harassment from their party workers.

This is a scanned copy of the letter from Animal Welfare Board of India to the Municipal Commissioner Pune, Director General of Police, Maharashtra, Police Commissioner Pune and Chief Secretary, Govt of Maharashtra – based on our complaint to them about illegal stray dog relocation by corporators in Pune.

Stray dogs must not be removed from their territories.Contrary to public opinion, these laws and rules are not in place due to pressure from animal activists like Mrs Maneka Gandhi or anyone else.The reasons as explained clearly by the AWBI in the letter are based on demographic studies in urban areas of developing countries by W.H.O. and the national policy has been based on this, supported by several Bombay High Court judgements and a Supreme Court Ruling (quoted in this letter).

Please click on this link to read the AWBI letter

DGPS has been working tirelessly for the past four years to sterilise street dogs (more than 750 till date in Deccan Gymkhana, Karve Nagar, Kothrud and Model Colony areas), annual vaccination of more than 100 dogs, hold adoption camps for puppies and kittens to ensure they are not on streets any more, respond to calls of lost pets and rescue of stray animals that are in need of medical attention.

In addition, DGPS works with the PMC to reduce the garbage on the road, connect households and offices to PMCs door collection system, spread awareness of home composting and prevent kitchen waste from landing on the road.

A holistic approach by the city authorities will work towards maintaining a stable healthy population of stray animals. Rather than relocation of dogs, the city corporators should increase the PMC budget on dog sterilisation and have a proper strategy for more sterilisation centres across the city.