Prabhaag 36 stands out in Swach Bharat rankings in Pune

Finally Prabhaag 36 gets official recognition for all the efforts over the past few years in waste management!

The PMC ranked 76 wards of the city on nine parameters and only two wards passed the tests – Prabhaag 36 (Erandawane) and Prabhaag 74 (Dhankawadi). Details can be read here

As residents we have seen the changing face of the neighbourhood since 2013. The PMC sanitary team in our Prabhaag has worked hard at door collection and removing containers – From filthy overflowing containers in more than 30 locations, we are now down to 2 spots of containers (fairly well segregated). Though there are spots of littering in places, we believe that systems have been set now over the past year with door collection of segregated waste, feeder points to hand over waste to dry and wet waste trucks and segregated waste containers.

This has been the result of teamwork and support from all in the neighbourhood. Our corporators Smt Madhuri Sahasrabuddhe and Shri Anil Rane held numerous meetings in the Prabhaag for two years to sensitise citizens to give their garbage at the door to either Swach, Bhagat Singh Brigade or PMC ghantaagaadis, and also supported the sanitary team in their efforts of container removal. We have seen how corporators have blocked the smooth process in other wards and the cooperation seen in Prabhaag 36 is exemplary, showing its results in much cleaner streets now.

The PMC sanitary team, led by DSI Inamdar over the past year who has been extremely responsive and has meticulous daily records, mukadams Shri Yenpure, Shri Kasbe who have been at the forefront since the beginning in 2013 and the latest entrants to the job over the past year – Shri Jawal, Shri Sarwan and Shri Thorat. Our sanitary inspectors have changed over the years – we had Shri Smt Roopali Jadhav who was an excellent supervisor and now SI Gaikwad who has recently begun duty. Shri Kamble who recently got promoted from SI to DSI and has moved out of the area also contributed to the team effort in the past.

Last but not the least, the roadside sweepers and Swach door collectors who do their jobs daily braving all traffic and weather conditions.

As residents, our team has grown and there are many in our area who are composting now inhouse and spreading the word about various methods of composting and managing leaf litter, reducing use of plastic, giving clean plastic for conversion to fuel etc. We will continue to spread the word on what needs to be done and continue to monitor the changes, applaud the good and call out the bad.

From DGPS we acknowledge with gratitude the efforts of each and every person who has helped to bring about a systemic change in our neighbourhood.  There are many challenges to be overcome but we are all on the same path to a better and cleaner Pune-4!


Prabhaag 36 cleanest!

Chitale 23rd July 2013

July 2013 BEFORE


January 2016 AFTER

Cover segregated

Segregation Messaging at the kothi


Mapping for Waste Management

Jakatdar Path 2011 BEFORE

Jakatdar Path 2011 BEFORE

Jakatdar Path 2015 AFTER

Jakatdar Path 2015 AFTER

KNP bylane March 2012

KNP Bylane March 2012 BEFORE


KNP Bylane 2014 AFTER