FC Road and its litter!

The morning after Valentines Day

Since 2012 DGPS has been monitoring the growing litter on the street, thanks to mostly uanuthorised street vending activity. Our members have held several cleanliness drives with the Ghole Road Ward Office sanitary team, as well as helped connect shops to the PMC collection system. See earlier posts on this Keeping Fergusson College Road Clean , Update on FC Road August 2015 and Update on FC Road Littering.

Our stand from the very beginning has been clear – all legal/illegal hawkers/shops must give their segregated garbage directly to the PMC collection system, and not use the road as their dustbin.

It is quite clear from the experience of the period mid-August 2015 to October 2015 that 98% of the litter came from street vendors. Photos of the litter have been shown to hawker union representatives with the plea to set in some system of cleanliness. Unfortunately, though the PMC has increased sweeping duty, increased truck rounds at night as well, the litter continues to grow.

In January, the Adar Poonawalla Clean City Movement put up many dustbins on the road, these are now stuffed every night to overflowing, with even household garbage reaching there. This morning a sari was seen in the dustbin. The PMC sweepers are clearing the bins every morning without fail.

If we really want a clean city, this may seem counter-intuitive, but dustbins and extra sweeping will not solve the problem of the growing load.

What is needed is enforcement of rules –

  • No littering should be tolerated.
  • Every unit – commercial or residential must be connected to the PMC collection system.

FC Road and its litter

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