Annual Vaccination Drive for Stray Dogs

The Rabies vaccination drive for 2016 was launched in January. As always we began with the Kamala Nehru Park lane dogs. Sad to relate that we’ve lost 5 dogs from this area over the last one year – some to old age and some to accidents and illness. Danny Boy, Rascal from KNP, Pinti from the Bank Of Maharashtra lane, Costa from Bhandarkar Rd and Brownie from 15th lane. Another dog – from Gangote path – has become too old to fend for himself and has been sent to an animal shelter.

vaccination 2016 4 web
Vaccination in KNP

Vaccination in KNP

vaccination 2016 3 web
vaccination 2016 2 web

Only one new entrant here – a handsome Doberman mix male who was hapily running around with Velvet and Roamie but who couldn’t be caught this time.

Takeaway message: overall the stray dog population in and around Kamala Nehru Park has reduced. The single new entrant has probably been dumped here by his owners. A well conducted sterilization plus vaccination program works!

Vaccination drive continued in Kanchan Galli and other areas of Deccan Gymkhana.