Update on FC Road Littering

Since December 2012, DGPS has been sending mails, including photographs of the morning scene, almost every week, to the Commissioner about the growing problem of litter on FC Road. While the Ghole Road Ward Office has responded last year with increased sweeping, better collection from shops and fining offenders in drives, volunteers have held four drives with the Ward Office staff to raise awareness on cleanliness and to pick up litter. See earlier post on this issue

A meeting with the Commissioner in February led to some stricter action and the situation improved for a month or so. However, as the latest mail to the Commissioner shows, the problem lies in enforcing rules of no-littering, especially by street vendors.

 Apr 5 at 11:38 AM
Dear Shri Kumar
We have been reporting on FC Road litter situation for more than two years now.  Over the past year, there has been some improvement, we have conducted drives with the Ghole Road Sanitary Team, they have increased their garbage collection system as well as sweeping. For a month or so, after the meeting with you, the situation had improved dramatically but now it has slipped back to a major mess on the road this Sunday morning – please see the attached pictures. As you can see in the photos, this litter is plastics and packaging materials, courtesy activity by street vendors.
We understand that the survey of vendors by the TVC has been completed a few months back, but unfortunately the details have not been uploaded on the website yet.
  • We are requesting you to put a deadline to get a clear answer to the question: is FC Road a no-hawker zone or not? Please take PTP’s opinion as traffic flow on this road is their responsibility and make the decision public at the earliest.
  • If FC Road is a no-hawker zone, no commercial activity should be allowed on the footpaths and road.
  • If hawking is allowed on FC Road, we need to know how many vendors are permitted to work here, what they are permitted to sell, what hours are they permitted to work in and whether or not they will leave the street in the evening as clean as they find it every morning. These details must be put up on a board by the PMC on FC Road itself as well as on the website.
  • We would like a firm timeline from the PMC to resolve this issue, it has been pending for too long. 

We hope that the PMC and the media do not make this into a residents vs hawkers issue – the issue is PMC’s responsibility in enforcing the rules made by the PMC itself.

As a resident group from the area, we are not against street vendors per se, but just as they have rights, they have responsibilities too. Leaving so much trash on the streets for others to clean up is not correct. We are looking to the PMC to enforce a no-litter policy so that we can report to the PMO at least one success story from Pune for the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan this year!

We firmly believe it is unfair that the PMC sweepers should work extra hard to clear litter from the streets in such a manner – the load is falling on the Ghole Road Ward Office Sanitary Team, with no backup from other concerned departments. 

We hope you will resolve this at the earliest.

Thanking you

Sumita Kale, Anupama Oak, Madhavi Rahirkar, Sushma Date, Swatcchanda Kher, Priya Bhide, Apoorv Paranjape and many others from Prabhaag 36 and Prabhaag 24

Update from 21st October 2015

Deccan Gymkhana <dgpspune@gmail.com>

Dear Shri Kunal Kumar,

The Ghole Road Ward Office team had successfully kept FC Road very clean and clear of garbage, after a meeting in August with the area corporators, hawker union leaders, shop keepers, TVC members and residents of the area. Our earlier mails and photos had shown the difference.

However, we are sorry to report that after a gap of almost two months, vendors have returned and the garbage is back on the street. Apart from plastic and paper, there is also considerable food-related trash – papers, cups, glasses, straws etc.

We reiterate that all hawkers and shops must take responsibility of the garbage they generate through their commercial activity.

As you can see from the photos, the stretch of FC Road where there are no shops or hawkers is clean.

As always, please be assured of cooperation from residents of the area in raising awareness and enforcing no-littering rules.

Thanking you

The Commissioner has asked us for innovative suggestions to enforce discipline on the vendors – however as of January 2016, the issue remains unresolved as it is also linked to the implementation of the Street Vendors Relocation and Rehabilitation Act in the city.