Deccan Gymkhana Colony Panchayat follows up with Corporators

(This note is being put here so that other residents can also keep a check to see if the commitments are being delivered)

Deccan Gymkhana Colony Panchayat’s secretary Kishore Godbole had written a letter to Shri Anil Rane about the garbage collection issues in DGCP.  Shri Rane was responsive and came to discuss this at DGCP hall today.

He was accompanied by Dr. Ghule, Shri Inamdar,  Smt.  Jadhav and also Shri Yenpure. Following issues were discussed once again as summarized below.

Sr. no. Issue Action Needed
01 Garbage collection is irregular and haphazard. Truck for pick up will come through colony lanes between 7.30 to 8.00 am. Driver will sign register in the DGCP office. The truck and driver details, route and timings will be shared with DGCP members through the office. Societies will be provided large Green and White Drums so that dogs will not scatter the garbage. Garden cuttings will be picked up once a week on a designated day like Saturday.
02 Chitale Chowk Taparis obstruct traffic, cause nuisance and spread diseases by unhygienic food. PMC has acquired 13000 sq feet area for Vegetable Market. Action needs to be taken against illegal taparis.
03 Goodluck hotel lane is full of two wheelers and young crowds and is not usable. Traffic department to make this no parking zone. Remove illegal beverage sellers who have put up operations on the corner.
04 Loud music is played at all hours in Barbeque Nation. Write a letter to Police Station and MPCB office with cc to Shri Rane.
05 All colony lanes are not being swept by PMC. Instructions to be given by PMC supervisors and monitoring to be done.
06 Accidents are caused at many corners by speeding drivers. Speed breakers to be installed by PMC.
07 Deccan Gymkhana and PYC Club members are choking all lanes with parked vehicles. The respective clubs must be forced to provide parking for own members by PMC at the time of renewal of permissions
08 Drinking and irresponsible behavior on colony roads by young crowds at night is creating disturbances. PMC, Police and Colony members to conduct patrols once in a while.



Meeting ended with DGCP members appreciating good work done by Shri Rane and PMC in the area in the last two years on garbage management, parking and road repairs.