Towards accountability and transparency

The ANNUAL MEET YOUR CORPORATORS PRABHAAG 36 event was organised for 1st June 2014 at Suvarna Smruti Mangal Karyalaya.

The venue and refreshments had been thoughtfully provided by the Deccan Gymkhana Colony Panchayat. The Corporators prabhag36meeting was well attended by more than 50 residents. Most of the questions dealt with roads, footpaths, encroachments, congestion, lack of PTP enforcement etc.. There were fewer complaints on garbage compared to last year, showing the improvement in performance by the sanitary team at the Ward Office. Most interesting, there weren’t any questions on stray dogs, unlike last year when many residents were aggressively demanding action. The success on controlling stray dogs is purely thanks to the voluntary dog sterilisation team working in our area. More than 300 dogs have been sterilised in the past two years, using the PMC system as well as donations for use at private vets. This just goes to show that dedication and focus can get results, we wish the PMC and our corporators would learn from this team!

Notes from the meeting:

While citizens are grateful to the corporators for their cooperation and intent in resolving issues, they sought the following assurances from the Smt. Madhuri Sahasrabuddhe and Shri Anil Rane, corporators for Prabhaag 36. The corporators assured the audience that they would keep these points in mind.

  • Will ensure that there is a master plan mapping for drainage and water lines for the Prabhaag, including information about connections.
  • Will ensure that every project undertaken will have a detailed board en site stating all information as required as per the law/PMC rules.
  • Will invite people’s suggestions at least 15 days before work starts for all projects.
  • Will make public/share detailed information including final design plans, tenders and budgets at least 15 days before work starts.
  • Will ensure that all project information and accounts for each quarter are available on their website and/or Facebook.
  • Will not put up any illegal flex/banners in the Prabhaag.
  • Will ensure that all footpaths are evenly built, free of encroachments and without any steps at buildings / junctions.
  • Will ensure that the roads and footpaths are senior citizen friendly.
  • Will ensure that Zebra Painting, Tree Trimmings and Lane Markings are done at regular intervals, without any follow up from residents.
  • Will ensure that roads are not re-built by just adding new layers on top, but by digging up the existing surface with consideration to the level of surrounding buildings.
  • Will ensure enforcement of parking rules in our Prabhaag by coordinating with PTP.Topics discussed at the meet:
  • Need for coordination with all concerned agencies before starting any road work
  • Many questions about the poor quality of footpaths. Blocked by encroachments, need to climb up and down at every building / junction.
  • Ketkar Path ( Kamala Nehru Park road) – Pedestrian safety is a major issue. Footpath urgently needed.
  • Debris and rubble should be cleared immediately after road/footpath job is done. Contractors should not be paid till they complete the job.
  • Publicize names of defaulting / blacklisted contractors. Has any contractor been fined in our Prabhaag last year (No answer)
  • Need corporators to speak to citizens BEFORE budget and discuss what they have intend to submit.
  • Transparency is critical.
  • Corporators should have a monthly citizen interaction meeting at a definite date and time.
  • Parking for restaurants and clubs like PYC, Deccan Gymkhana and restaurants are choking the tiny lanes in the area.
  • Pune Traffic Police’s lack of enforcement was a major concern for all citizens as well as the corporators.
  • Why are hawkers at Chitale corner not being moved to the land acquired by PMC for the mandai?
  • Why is rickshaw stand not moved at Chitale corner? Why are there more rickshaws parked there than approved number? Who is the political hand over all these?
  • Mr Rane already has FB page and website, but adequate information is not being shared. Mrs Sahsarabuddhe does not have a functional website or Facebook page. Said that she will get that done in 2 months
  • Pickup of garden cuttings was a major concern especially for bungalow owners and senior citizens.
  • Tree bases/roots should not be surrounded by tar and concrete. Surrounding tree roots by tar/concrete/tiles causes balance problems for trees.
  • The key demand was for utmost transparency and for inviting citizen’s participation in decision making. The corporators Mrs Sahasrabuddhe and Shri Rane appreciated the concerns and wishes of the residents, and said they would do their best to resolve all the issues.
Corp Meet 1 IMG_1353 Corp meet 2